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since 2015
When Chef Mario was younger, his mother would bring him to the nursing home where his grandfather was to play music and accordion for some of the seniors. He remembers from a young age how much it meant to them and to him to see the life in their eyes every time he walks through the door. After being in business for the past three years he forgot about his commitment he made many years ago to making sure that senior citizens in his life always get the dignity and respect that they deserve. A few months ago a local Watertown- resident approached Chef Mario and asked if he would ever consider doing a program that fed senior citizens that could not leave their homes any longer.  Without even thinking about it Mario told the resident that he would definitely look into it and try to implement a program. Mario took to the streets and asked other local businesses if they be willing to join forces in time and received overwhelming support from them as well. He then went to the commission on aging board and was given contacts at Carver County that would be able to help with food trays.  We are hopefully going to have the program up running by mid July 2018.